Conte com toda experiência de quem entende do assunto.

A Spanner Consulting

The Spanner Consulting is a specialized company in corporate, tributary and accounting services for immigrants in America. Its mission is to solve all financial subjects to the client by offering all kinds of services based on international charges policy.

The Spanner Consulting has its own foundation history, the purpose of being the right arm of people and companies that aim to write their trajectories in another country.

Focused on efficiency and transparency, all services have been designed to reassure customers arriving in America to open his company or work.

Clients Spanner Consulting have at their disposal a whole consulting service for all subjects left on their country of origin such as retirement, money transfer and others.

At Spanner Consulting, your company will be in good hands e will be able to focus on your specific goals, without worrying about bureaucracy.


Fernanda Spanner


Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Fernanda Spanner has devoted her entire professional career to accounting business, adding 19 years of experience, 15 years in Brazil and 4 in the USA.

Graduated in Business Administration, Accounting (at FAU) and graduate specialization in Tax Audit at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), in São Paulo.

After 18 months working in accounting in Florida, founded Spanner Consulting in New York, as a diverse city, offering services not only in English and Portuguese, but also in Spanish.

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